Olympus DS-2600 Expandable 2GB Digital Voice Recorder with Slide Switch Operation


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Olympus Dictation, Life Simplified. 

Olympus makes dictation simple with the DS-2600, providing an easy-to-navigate user interface and dual-directional stereo recording for public and crowded spaces, ideal for professionals and individuals who get things done.

With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, a 4-position slide switch, and three different recording formats, the DS-2600 will increase dictation management efficiency. It is equipped with dual microphones to control the directionality, designed for superior conference recording. A triple-layer studio quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds such as breath and wind vibrations. This provides superior accuracy for high-quality recordings, enhancing software transcription ability.

Built with an intuitive design and equipped with a 4-position slide switch, the DS-2600 is designed to be productive and dependable, for individuals working in any environment. With a wide range of editing options for easy text creation to quickly modify your files, the DS-2600 will make turning recordings into notes as effortless as possible.

Package Contents:

  • DS‑2600 Digital Voice Recorder
  • DSS Player Standard License & Software Download Link (Mac & PC) - Dictation Module
  • CS-151 Carrying case
  • KP-30 Micro USB Cable
  • LI‑92B Rechargeable Lithium‑Ion battery
  • Instruction Manual

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