Olympus AS-2400 PC Transcription Kit


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The basic transcription kit AS‑2400 guarantees a convenient transcription of audio files. The included 3-button USB foot pedal allows the user to control the DSS Player Standard software with his foot to have the hands free for fast typewriting. The lightweight (25g) E103 stereo under‑the‑chin headphone is comfortable to wear even over hours and does not harm the user’s haircut. The simple graphical user interface allows a quick start into the audio transcription world of professionals. Several audio codecs established in professional dictation are supported.

The Olympus AS-2400 is compatible with DS, DM, WS, and VN-PC recorders from Olympus to provide a complete transcription solution. Complete with a footswitch, headset, and powerful software, the AS-2400 can easily be integrated into the workflow of any office system and significantly streamline data sharing and distribution of dictations between professionals, departments, and office locations.
Multiple format playback
Plays DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3, and WAV/AIFF audio formats in the background when another application is running, such as a word processor.
Footswitch control
Enables footswitch control of the playback process.
Transcription options
Transcription can be done by combining the playback sound with the adjustable playback speed, tone control, and noise cancellation. (It is not possible to playback while setting the playback speed and noise cancellation simultaneously with the Macintosh version.)
Voice recognition
Voice recognition of dictation files is possible with the Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 and later.*
Automatic software updates
Automatic software updates through the Internet.*
Transcribe bar mode
2 modes/views of operation for Transcribe bar (Windows only)
Package Contents
  • Olympus AS49TM software license key
  • Olympus RS27H foot switch
  • Olympus E103(E102) transcription headset
  • Olympus KP13 foot switch adapter