SpeechWare TBM TabletMike for USB MultiAdapter, Smartphones and Tablet


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  • The sensitive cardioid microphone capsule
    The same as the award-winning TableMikes
  • Better voice pick up directionality, which is essential for speech recognition accuracy
    No matter how good a smartphone or tablet microphone is, the TabletMike will improve the
    voice pick up directionality, especially with its 135° vertically pivoting capability
  • Cross-platform compatibility:
    Windows®, Mac OS® (through a compatible USB audio card), iOS® and Android® (with
    our bundle Adapter)
  • Ideal complement for existing USB TravelMike owners, providing them a shorter and even
    more sensitive snubnosed microphone.

Package Contents:

  • TabletMike
  • Windshield
  • iPhone/iPad & Android CTIA adapter
  • A tiny plastic box with a magnetic locker for storage and transport