VEC LRX-37USB Telephone USB Line Record Adapter

VEC Electronics

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LRX-37 USB Telephone LINE Record AdapterLRX-37 USB Telephone LINE Record Adapter

Easily connect the LRX-37USB to your analog telephone line then to your PC or Mac so that you can make audio recordings of your voice conversations. Whether your a private investigator, lawyer, or police detective the LRX-37 USB makes it extremely simple to make sure you have quality audio documentation of every one of your telephone conversations. It's easy to use and engineered so that you don't have to worry about any mistakes, or misunderstandings, omissions, or oversights.


  • USB Audio Quality
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Records all Telephones Connected to the Same Analog Phone Line
  • Multi-color LED mode indicator
  • Detachable USB A~B 6 foot cable included
  • CE /FCC Approved
  • Note: Recording software not included