Dictation and Transcription Solutions KIT for Business Professionals and Medical Practices


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The Olympus Dictation and Transcription Solutions KIT is ideal for Business Professional, Legal Firms, and Medical Practices.

This KIT offers the complete solution, of dictating while in the office or medical practice, sending those important audio files via email to your transcriptionist and if you just remember any important issue after leaving the office you can utilize the Olympus ODDS APP on your smartphone to record and send last-minute audio file to your office transcriptionist.

Kit includes:

1) Olympus DS-9000 Professional Dictation Recorder, Slide Switch function with ODMS R7 Dictation Management Software

Professional Dictation, Streamlined Efficiency. 
Capture your voice with enhanced clarity, simplicity, and flexibility, in any environment. 
  • With advanced features including a superior noise canceling system, best-in-class file encryption, and supreme structural integrity, the DS-9000 will simplify your workflow and increase dictation management efficiency.
  • Intelligent dual microphones control the directionality to keep the focus on the person dictating and suppress ambient noise in offices, hospitals, cars, airports, and other noisy environments.
  • A triple layer studio quality filter ensures accurate voice capture while reducing unwanted sounds such as breath and wind vibrations. This ensures superior accuracy that enhances workflow efficiency.

2) Olympus AS-9000 Professional Transcription Kit with ODMS R7 Transcription Software

HID footswitch RS31H 
  • Configurable & ergonomic
  • USB foot pedal with 4 buttons
  • Easy control of transcription software (play, stop, rewind, etc.)
  • Extremely durable and long USB cable (8.2ft)
  • Perfect ergonomics for any shoe size – Extra-wide center pedal
  • The Centre or top pedal can be locked
  • Full compatibility with Olympus’ dictation management software
  • Nonslip mat to keep it in place 
Under-the-chin headphone (stereo) E103 
  • Perfect to put on and off without destroying the haircut
  • Comfortable to wear even over hours
  • Speech optimized sound quality
  • 3.5mm ø mini-jack 
Included Professional Transcription Software 
  • Olympus Dictation Management System R7
  • DSS Player for Mac (Features vary to ODMS)
  • Footswitch Configuration Tool (Windows & Mac) for pedal configuration in HID keyboard mode

3) Olympus ODDS Smartphone App License Key for Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (1-year license subscription included) 

Dictate, annotate and send. Olympus dictation for Android or iOS is a beautifully simple recording app for making dictations on the go:

  • Record, insert & overwrite dictations
  • Send from Anywhere Anytime
  • Support of audio formats DSS and DSS Pro/DS2
  • Password Protected dictations supported (256 bit AES)
  • Priority Setting
  • Send dictations via email or FTP/FTPS
  • Data transfer with Maximum Security
  • Crystal Clear Recording
  • Auto-split of large files via ODDS Portal
  • Easily Communicate Tasks to Assistant
  • Auto file upload to Olympus Transcription Software 
  • 1-year license subscription included, after 1 year a $99.00 renewal fee applies.